European Academy of Caring Science Symposium Public Health Theme- A perspective on the scope of caring science: How the answering the question “what should we be caring about?” contributes to understanding of caring science.

Authors: Norton, E.

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It is accepted that public health is ‘everybody’s business’ because of the breadth of issues that impact on human health and wellbeing. Given this breadth of issues the scope of our caring should encompass the macro, global natural environment. This is because the biosphere provides the life support systems for human beings and the other species that comprise Earth’s biodiversity. Public health also encompasses the health and wellbeing of the individuals who make up the population and so the scope of our caring should account for this too. We should be caring about people as human beings and about the impact of the wider determinants of health on their wellbeing. Knowing what we should be caring about contributes to understanding of what caring science includes. The implication from personal engagement and public health points of view is that caring science includes understanding of the importance of the natural environment and biodiversity in relation to human health. It also encompasses understanding of the wider determinants of health and their impact on a person’s health and wellbeing.

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