"Pardon me, Doc - a what between what and what?" – thoughts about visual narration and implicit dramaturgy

Authors: k.stutterheim@khm.de:Stutterheim, K.

Dates: 10-12 September 2015


A screenplay is not just a piece of literature. It gives the material for performance and aesthetic design of a good movie.

A well-made screenplay contains these two levels of explicit structure and implicit dramaturgy – dealing with our two levels of thinking (Kahneman). Modern as well as postmodern fiction movies are using set design as well as gesture of the actors in a specific way related to implicit dramaturgy or intuitive thinking. How far this could be given or inspired by the screenplay? How much it is part of realization? I will explain these aspects with the help of practice-based research on the basis of selected sequences in SHUTTER ISLAND (Scorsese) and GAME OF THRONES (HBO).

Source: Manual

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