Producer - Phillip Jeck concert

Authors: Radford, C.

Dates: 7 November 2007


2008 THEME – SO FAR… ARTS, SPATIALISATION AND MEMORY Edge Arts’ 2008 season was programmed around the theme of arts, spatialisation and memory, taking audiences on a journey to discover how artists, musicians and performers make connections with the past and present. By orientating themselves in a space that is ‘living’, remembered, or of the imagination, they explored how we are bound by time. We selected an extraordinary mix of work that often blurs the usual boundaries to re-invent ways of engaging with us.

Highlights from the spring season included an exhibition by POLLY GOULD, who travelled to the Antarctic to explore an inner emptiness in one of the most remote places on earth. PIGEON THEATRE relocated their performance to a bar, playfully forcing us to rethink what a performance space can be. Virtuoso violinist ALEXANDER BALANESCU re-connected with his Eastern European roots to explore ideas around identity and belonging. A new series of experimental music featured ECONSONIC ENSEMBLE, who created a unique and compelling sound, echoing other times and places. World-renowned musician JOANNA MACGREGOR made a personal selection of pieces in response to the theme.

The autumn programme took the theme in new directions, presenting work by artists and performers who attempt to make sense of our relationship with different pasts and presents. For some, memory and place haunt their imaginations, while others touched on nostalgia and longing – beautifully realised through a rich selection of music, performance and contemporary art.

ALEXANDER BALANESCU offered a personal homage to Romanian diva Maria Tanase, set against images of Romania’s troubled past. PHILIP JECK’S breathtaking soundscapes were driven by a love of vintage vinyl, alive with ghosts of the past. LONE TWIN THEATRE rediscovered tragic events from the 19th Century, transforming them into a performance that was at once hopeful, moving and humorous. Swiss-born artist URIEL ORLOW’S installation was inspired by the legendary Cafe Odeon, Zurich where Lenin, Joyce, the Dadaists and many others met. ANNE TALLENTIRE’S powerful exhibition uncovered the makeshift quarters of migrant workers.

The season also included a multi-disciplinary symposium and associated events, where a range of practitioners, academics and students discussed issues around the theme.

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