"Blackout" - China Plate Theatre, Harlow Playhouse

Authors: Grace, E. and Lyons, K.

Dates: 26 April 2017


Blackout is a new site-specific, immersive musical that puts the future of British energy under the spotlight. Drawing on research with communities in Harlow and Lowestoft the show explores the increasing energy needs of a growing population, the nuclear power debate and the controversy surrounding projects such as Hinkley Point C.

This initial stage of development includes extended research phases in the communities of Lowestoft and Harlow and time to explore cutting edge sound technology. The R&D will culminate in a work in progress performance at Harlow Playhouse. The project examines "immersive" sound design techniques in a live, musical theatre environment. Using 360° audio, multichannel wireless headphone technology and multiple audio led narrative strands, the piece aims to explore methodologies, creative aesthetics and workflows relating to immersive audio, VR, AR & MR in a live musical theatre production. "Blackout" is supported using public funds from the National Lottery through Arts Council England.


Source: Manual