Why haven't YOU thought of that? Over 15 great mobile App ideas for improving the quality of life of a young person with Type 1 diabetes

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Authors: Pulman, A., Hill, J and Masding, M


Introduction The use of mobile devices to look up health-related information is of increasing importance to young people, who have a radically different view of technology than either their parents or practitioners. We explored what young people with type 1 diabetes required from social media and mobile technology by seeking their views and ideas, enabling the eventual design of innovative new tools to help them engage with health services and their own health in their preferred manner.

Methods Data collected by semi-structured, in-depth qualitative interviews (n=9) of people with type 1 diabetes aged 18-21. Interviews were transcribed and loaded onto the qualitative data analysis tool NVivo. Baseline data analysis was then undertaken to locate potential ideas for mobile App development.

Results Over fifteen innovative new ideas for mobile Apps not currently available were suggested including:

• Twitter - contacting other people with type 1 diabetes, an emergency link for contacting the health service and receiving direct messages from clinic staff which would help to personalise diabetes care.

  • Hypoglycaemia awareness - advice on what to do for friends, family and colleagues who might come into contact with the participant.
  • Illness information.
  • News/information on existing/new diabetes technology.

Summary We have explored what young people with type 1 diabetes want from social media and mobile technology, so that the design and implementation of new technology to help self-management is more patient-centred, more likely to be used and more likely to improve quality of life.

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Authors: Pulman, A.J., Hill, J. and Masding, M.G.


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