Reconsidering your perceptions: exploring the lifeworld of a young person with Type 1 diabetes

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Authors: Pulman, A., Hill, J and Masding, M

Introduction Views of young people with type 1 diabetes are vital in developing quality services, yet research on their lifestyle and use of web and mobile technology to support their condition is sparse. We aimed to develop a deeper understanding of the perspective of a young person with type 1 diabetes and construct a picture of their lifeworld. Methods Data collected by semi-structured, in-depth qualitative interviews (n=9) of people with type 1 diabetes aged 18-21. Interviews were transcribed and loaded onto the qualitative data analysis tool NVivo.

Results A number of themes emerged, including:

• The effects of technology on living with diabetes. • Use of social media, mobile phones and Apps to obtain information and support.

  • Feelings about the health services they used.

We also uncovered several interesting issues that concern patients in this age group:

• Understanding the isolation that young people might feel at this age.

  • Personal attitudes to type 1 diabetes and initiating improvement. • Fear, discomfort and being seen as different.
  • Why we might embrace and show negative views of the condition.
  • Rethinking the use of Facebook.

Summary We obtained a deeper and more empathetic understanding of the feelings of young people with type 1 diabetes, and the issues that are important to them. This data will be used to look at local services, producing more effective systems for support and self-management which take into account the feelings of patients and make them more likely to engage with technology.

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Authors: Pulman, A.J., Hill, J. and Masding, M.G.

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