Experiences of war and living with dementia

Authors: Cutler, C.

The impact of war experiences on the lived experience of dementia is currently unknown. Living with personal memories of war is a reality for many (veterans, civilians, children, nurses). Prior research has examined the relationship between experiences of war and post traumatic stress disorder, yet has neglected the impact of war experiences on living with dementia. With the population ageing, the number of people with dementia are expected to rise, and hence the issue of past war experiences on the lived experience of dementia requires more attention.

This poster will report a review of the evidence that has linked experiences of war with experiences of dementia, through three societal constructions: • Societal understandings of dementia • Societal understandings of war and conflict • Societal understandings of post-traumatic stress disorder

This doctoral work will work with people with dementia who have firsthand experiences of war, enabling exploration into this gap in knowledge in dementia research. In grasping an enriched understanding of past war experience and living with dementia, this project has potential to facilitate carers, family members and medical professionals in tailoring the care they provide which will lead to greater quality of life among people with dementia.

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