Maintaining Migratory Coastal Bird Diversity: Management Through Behaviour-Based Predictive Population Modelling

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Authors: Stillman, R.A. et al.

Publisher: CEH Dorset

Place of Publication: Dorchester, England

Management decisions for coastal areas where migratory birds (waders and wildfowl) feed on passage and in winter are not based on quantitative population predictions for alternative sustainable use options, yet many human activities, potentially damaging to coastal bird diversity, are carried out there. This proposal will provide behaviour-based population models that could be applied rapidly whenever management decisions are required at one or more local sites or to guide Europe wide policy. By literature review and new fieldwork in five sites encompassing a broad range of human activities, single-site (no emigration) and multi-site (with between-site movement) models will be parameterised and tested. Their utility will be demonstrated by simulating the effect of local and Europe-wide policy options on bird body condition, mortality rate and population size. The results and models will be made available for widespread use by decision-makers.

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