Assessing the Impacts of Shell-Fishing and Mussel Farming on Oystercatcher Populations in the Wash, England. Phase 1: Identification of Model Parameters to be Refined

Authors: Stillman, R.A., Clark, N.A., Atkinson, P.W., West, A.D., McGrorty, S., Durell, S.E.A.L.V.D. and Yates, M.G.

Publisher: British Trust for Ornithology

Place of Publication: Thetford, England

ISBN: 978-1904870388


The purpose of this report is to describe how a behaviour-based model could be developed to predict the effect of shellfish abundance and distribution, as well as shellfishery management, on the survival rates of oystercatchers overwintering on the Wash

Source: Manual

Preferred by: Richard Stillman