High performance fibre ropes take to the skies

Authors: Koohgilani, M.

Pages: 14-16

ISSN: 0964-5993


As a result of the wide acceptance of paragliding as a sport, paraglider manufacturers attempted to produce improved paraglider lines with the use of high performance fibre ropes. However, due to the recent catastrophic accidents resulting from line failures, manufacturers have become less confident in the use of these lines. Failures are common occurrences because only a little information is available regarding the requirements and the viability of the materials used in paraglider lines. In this study, the requirements for paraglider lines, the different materials used as well as some of the causes of their failure are highlighted. It is hoped that the information provided in this study will be of great help to paraglider manufacturers and consequently to the users.

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High Performance Fibres Take to the Skies

Authors: Koohgilani, M.

Publisher: Technical Textiles

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