A systematic review of people’s experiences of breast screening - A rich and diverse picture

Authors: Pulman, A. and Newell, S.

Publisher: Wessex Voices

Place of Publication: Wessex Voices Publications (Online)


This unique systematic literature review consolidates the significant body of published evidence around people’s experiences of breast screening from their many different perspectives. This insight paints a vivid picture about how people from various backgrounds experience and view aspects of the process – from the understanding and beliefs they hold before they attend screening, to their thoughts about and feelings upon receiving the results. The review also helps identify gaps in knowledge and areas where further insight is needed.

All of the themes emerging from this intelligence highlight that providing equitable access to screening and additional personalisation of the process would be beneficial in helping to improve uptake and existing processes.

Recommendations are made based on the evidence collected. They are included throughout the review, with the intention of providing examples of good practice, as well as identifying actions for readers. The recommendations are later summarised in Section 11 for key stakeholders to actively consider for action.


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