Overview existing interoperability of virtual factory D1.3

Authors: Xu, L. and De Vrieze, P.

Publisher: European Community



Source: Manual

D1.3 Overview of Existing Interoperability of Virtual Factories

Authors: Kasse, J. et al.

Publisher: European Community


The FIRST (vF Interoperation suppoRting buSiness innovation) project aims to provide new technology and methodologies to describe manufacturing assets; to compose and integrate existing services into collaborative virtual manufacturing processes; and to deal with evolution of changes.

This deliverable describes the state of the art of existing interoperability of virtual factory Task T1.6 Inventories and assess existing manufacturing interoperate frameworks and analysis requirements and defining use cases for design and validation of the proposed interoperate framework, thus creating a baseline for the research, in relation to working package WP5.

Section 1 includes a general introduction of the deliverable. Section 2 reviews interoperability of virtual factory architecture in the context of the RAMI 4.0 architecture, international/industrial data space (IDS), interoperability framework for digital manufacturing platforms, FIWARE smart industry architecture, and sources of further information.

Section 3 looks at the issues how to dynamically switch between streaming data sources.

Numbers of approaches are reviewed for supporting dynamic on-the-fly switching between streaming data sources for distributed big data analysis and data source interoperability.

Multiple manufacturing domains encompass a wide variety of systems where each of them has their own formats, concepts, relationships, data structures, syntaxes and semantics. Section 4 reviews 10 approaches related to different manufacturing aspects of manufacturing assets/services classification for interoperability of virtual factory. Section 5 provides principles of manufacturing services discovery and composition methods for supporting interoperability of digital factory.

Section 6 briefly summarized FIWARE platform and describe how FIRST interoperability framework could be built based on FIWARE platform.

Section 7 introduces KM software manufacturing solutions and provides data interoperability requirements to FIRST framework. Section 8 includes a case study of Shuangchi shoe manufacturing processes and analyses the current process limitations.

The overview of existing interoperability related technologies provides blueprint for our further research on WP5 as well as WP2, WP3, WP4. The initial research in this deliverable is going to be refined in a later release of this deliverable, following the results of WP2, WP3, WP4, and WP5


Source: BURO EPrints