Music Elicitation Research, Training, and Intervention Pilot 2021-2023

Authors: Levell, J., Meçe, M.H. and Koleka, A.

Pages: 1-55

Publisher: Centre for Seldom Heard Voices

Place of Publication: Bournemouth - Tirana

ISBN: 978-1-85899-340-9


This report outlines the findings of a music elicitation pilot which was undertaken in Albania between 2021-2023. The pilot had three distinct elements. The first was the use of music elicitation fieldwork in the form of interviews with young men (between 18-25 years) in the Albanian prison estate and in the community under probation supervision. These life-stories were analysed with an attuneness to gender, masculinity, childhood adversity, and the experience of ‘mattering’. The findings of this fieldwork were then used to design a bespoke music elicitation intervention handbook and a two-day training course for professionals, including teachers, psychologists, social-workers, and youthworkers. The training focused on the way in which music elicitation can be used as a tool to reach vulnerable and marginalised ‘at risk’ young people, as well as share findings from the fieldwork to create empathy. The third stage of the pilot was a 6 month monitoring after the training, to understand if the music elicitation was utilised and effective in frontline practice in Albania.

Source: Manual