Can a Handheld Gaming Device Be Used As An Effective Assistive Technology Tool?

Authors: Pulman, A.

Publisher: JISC TechDis HEAT Scheme

Place of Publication: JISC TechDis Website


Potential educational uses for handheld gaming devices like the Nintendo DS Lite and Sony PSP are becoming increasingly apparent with the possibilities of access to mobile devices containing software for educational improvement encompassing many different disciplines.

This report describes a TechDis HEAT project investigating the use of the Nintendo DS Lite and Brain Training software package as an assistive technology tool for students from the Institute of Health & Community Studies requiring help with numeracy during the autumn term of 2006. It provides an overview of using mobile devices within a higher education environment and hopes to raise awareness of some of the possibilities that can be created for students and staff.

Source: Manual

Preferred by: Andy Pulman