Group Work and Assessment in Media Production - Resource Pack

Authors: Ireland, A.

Place of Publication: Bournemouth University


The aim of the Group Work & Assessment in Media Production (GWAMP) project which ran from 2000-2004 was to find and share good practice in group work and assessment, with a particular emphasis on media practice related disciplines. Funded by HEFCE through their third phase of FDTL (the Fund for the Development of Teaching and Learning) and coordinated by Bournemouth University, with partners The University of Gloucestershire, Liverpool John Moores University and London Metropolitan University, the project's main activity comprised of a series of seminars in HEIs across the country, and a conference in 2003. A hard-copy Resource Pack was produced, with case studies on a DVD, which are still available. Outcomes, findings, case studies and resources were held on the GWAMP website, now maintained here by The Centre for Excellence as a streamlined archive.

The GWAMP project raised issues and concerns over group work, from staff and student perspectives, which ultimately led to a further project being developed: an online solution for self and peer assessment. This is called CASPAR, and you can find details of it here. As a CEMP resource, CASPAR is available for institutions to use for free.

Case Studies The consortium of institutions behind GWAMP recorded six video case studies to be used as discussion-starters for the series of seminars we led across the UK between 2001 and 2004. The case studies were recorded on VHS, and transcriptions are available here. This download is a zipped suitcase of all six transcriptions, featuring: Advertising Agency at the University of Gloucestershire, Interactive Media at the University of Western England, Producing and Directing for Multimedia at the University of Luton, Radio Journalism at Warrington Collegiate Institute, Television Documentary at the University of Huddersfield, Television Production at Bournemouth University.

Seminar Packs A key component of the GWAMP project was a series of seminars held in 27 institutions across the UK. This found and disseminated good practice. This zipped suitcase includes all the seminar materials that were used, including additional information that complimented the video case studies (see Case Studies above for transcriptions of those).

The Resource Pack Towards the end of the project, a Resource Pack was produced that featured academic papers on aspects of group work, teaching materials, and an interactive DVD of further case studies and interviews. This zipped suitcase includes a PDF version of the Resource Pack, and PDF transcripts of the interviews that were edited into the DVD.

Misc Documents

Here are two additional documents from the original website, offered here to provide opportunity for initiating thought and debate. The first is an overview of the pedagogic questions around the three 'phases' of group work: forming groups, supporting group work, and assessing groups. The second is a Power Point presentation that Professor Graham Gibbs led at the GWAMP conference in 2003, and includes many interesting considerations and ideas for group work.

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