Integrating zooarchaeology into studies of Roman Britain and Medieval Russia.

Authors: Maltby, M.

Conference: Bournemouth University; School of Applied Sciences


This volume and supporting papers constitute the submission for an award of a PhD research degree by publication. Eleven works completed by the author within the last 15 years (eight published; three in press) have been submitted for consideration. All the papers are concerned with animal exploitation in late prehistoric and Roman Britain and/or Medieval north-west Russia. To put these submissions into context, Chapter 2 summarizes the author’s academic career and the history of the research projects with which he has been involved. The next two chapters provide summaries and critically evaluative comments concerning the submitted works. Chapter 3 discusses the works concerned with the exploitation of animals and their products in the late Iron Age and Roman periods in Britain. Chapter 4 considers papers principally concerned with the exploitation of animals within the Medieval town and territory of Novgorod in north-west Russia. Chapter 5 presents an evaluation of the contribution the submitted works have made to furthering knowledge, not only of the specific periods and regions involved, but also more generally to the development of urban zooarchaeology (including comparisons between urban and rural faunal assemblages), the study of carcass processing, and the integration of zooarchaeology into general research questions.

Source: Manual

Preferred by: Mark Maltby

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