Undergraduates’ perceptions and experiences of engaging with Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) content on social media: A reflexive thematic analysis

Authors: Bailey, K.

Editors: Talbot, C.

Conference: Bournemouth University, Faculty of Science & Technology


While previous research emphasises the therapeutic benefits of ASMR (Barrett & Davis, 2015), there is a need for investigation towards students in higher education (Stebleton et al., 2022). Semi-structured interviews were conducted with 12 undergraduate students (11 female, 1 male) to explore their perceptions of ASMR and experiences engaging with ASMR content on social media. Reflexive thematic analysis generated four themes: To me, ASMR is…; Using ASMR to cope; Figuring out what works for me; and Social media as a facilitator for ASMR. Findings suggest ASMR is not limited to feeling tingles with various motivations for engagement. Practical implications are discussed for further investigation into the benefits of ASMR for university students, where stress and anxiety is prevalent (Ladejo, 2021).

Source: Manual