The Colour concept generator: a computer tool to propose colour concepts for products.

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Authors: Eves, B.

This thesis documents research undertaken into the design and evaluation of a computer tool (Colour Concept Generator) to produce colour schemes for products from verbal descriptors depicting a required aesthetic image or style. The system was designed to translate between descriptive words and colour combinations and aims to provide a form of ideas stimulus for a product designer at the initial stages of the design process. The computer system uses elements of artificial intelligence (AI) to `learn' colour and descriptor semiotic relations from a product designer based upon a proposed objective criteria or to reflect a designers personal style. Colour concepts for products can then be generated from descriptors based upon these semiotic relations. The philosophy of the research is based upon the idea of computing colour aesthetics at the front end of the design process and the design of an Al software mechanism to facilitate this. The problem was analysed with respect to the available literature on colour and a set of detail requirements for the system were presented. The system was then designed and code based upon the requirements and evaluated in terms of the overall philosophy, system methodology and application of computer media. The research is a contribution to the field of computer aided design regarding colour aesthetics and demonstrates the possibility of using an artificial intelligent machine to inspire and stimulate creative human thought. The Al software mechanism of the Colour Concept Generator is presented as an application of Al to aesthetic design. 11

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