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Ying Chi

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Ying Chi, a PhD student at Bournemouth University, obtained her undergraduate degree in animation from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in China in 2015. Subsequently, she pursued a master's degree in animation at the University of Central Lancashire in the UK from 2016 to 2017. Throughout her PhD program, Ying Chi utilized her expertise in animation to delve into the field of anthropology, specifically exploring culture, fashion, and ethnography. Concurrently, she nurtured a keen interest in non-fiction animation, 2D animation, and the creation of animation art.


Ying Chi's research primarily revolves around the Hanfu movement both in China and abroad. In her study, she endeavors to provide a comprehensive understanding of the Hanfu movement by addressing its nature (whether it is a retro fashion trend, a subculture, or a significant cultural movement). Additionally, she delves into examining the similarities and disparities within the Hanfu movement in different contexts. Notably, Ying Chi actively participates in the Hanfu movement herself, aiming to authentically capture and convey the perspectives and voices of its participants through an autoethnographic approach.