Candida Yates

Professor Candida Yates

  • 01202 965106
  • cyates at bournemouth dot ac dot uk
  • Professor of Culture and Communication
  • Weymouth House W431a, Talbot Campus, Fern Barrow, Poole, BH12 5BB
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Candida Yates (BA, MA, PhD) is Professor of Communication in the Faculty of Media and Communication at Bournemouth University. She previously worked in the Psychosocial Studies area in the University of East London and has developed a new psycho-cultural approach to the study of media and culture. Professor Yates is Director (with Caroline Bainbridge, University of Roehampton) of the AHRC Research Network: Media and the Inner World ( The network brings together psychotherapists, media practitioners and academics to explore the role of therapy and emotion in media and popular culture. Professor Yates’ research focuses on processes that shape the relationships between emotion, subjectivity and culture and she supervises PhD students in this field. Her current research focuses on the psycho-cultural dynamics of UK political culture.

Professor Yates is Co-Editor of the journal Free Associations: Psychoanalysis and Culture, Media, Groups, Politics; a Consulting Editor of Psychoanalysis, Culture and Society; and Joint-Editor of the Karnac Book Series: Psychoanalysis and Popular Culture...



Journal Articles


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External Responsibilities

Public Engagement & Outreach Activities

  • A theatre performance by the Faction theatre ensemble of Richard III in 30 minutes that was followed by an interactive discussion panel on the themes of emotion , politics and the unconscious. The panel lasted one hour and a half and then we held a belated launch of my book 'The Play of Political Culture, Emotion and Identity'.
  • My UEL colleague Helen Powell and I held a talk on the themes of political culture and the meanings of political followership and then we held a focus group with the attendees to demonstrate how a psychosocial approach to focus group research might work. The attendees discussed their feelings about Brexit and most said that they would like to return and continue the conversation on a regular basis.
  • Interactive discussion Panel about the film 'Still Alice' as part of BU Dementia week
  • A Study Day event on the Talented Mr Ripey including theatre performance and an expert panel
  • My colleague and I delivered an interactive workshop and presentation on a psychosocial approach to branding and consumption
  • I delivered a paper to psychotherapy trainees on my research on play and flirtation
  • Round table discussion organised by the Freud museum. My contribution addressed the representation of jealousy, desire and loss in cinema.
  • Post Production Theatre Panel on Identity Theft In The Talented Mr Ripley at the New Diorama Theatre, London.
  • Screening Conditions: Costly Games: Mike Figgis’s Croupier
  • Spinning the Unconscious: The Politics of Containment and Contempt
  • Advertising, Disappointment and Desire
  • Remote Control: Psychoanalysis and Television’, ‘Psychoanalysis and Television: Staging the Debate'
  • Mapping the Psycho-Cultural, Context and Debates
  • A Psycho-cultural Approach to Media and the Inner World
  • Emotional Masculinity and the Flirtatious Strategies of Political Communication
  • On Spooning Spinning and Being David Cameron
  • Emotional Masculinities on Screen
  • Masculine Jealousy and Contemporary Cinema
  • "You Can Judge a Man by his DVD Collection": Masculine Identities, Affective Pleasure and Consumption
  • Masculine Identity, Pleasure and Consumption in the Age of DVD and the Internet
  • Everything to Play for: Masculinity, Trauma and the Pleasures Of DVD Technologies
  • "I’m Not Spartacus”: Michael Douglas; An Icon of Cuckolded, White Masculinity
  • Masculine Jealousies and The Green-Eyed Gaze in Narrative Cinema
  • Jealousy and Envious Desire in A Perfect Murder
  • Masculinities, Affect and Cinema
  • Masculinities in Transition, Psychoanalysis and Contemporary Culture
  • Masculine jealousies in The End Of The Affair
  • Jealous Masculinity in Popular Cinema, the case of Taxi Driver; How Jealousy Drives the Narrative Along
  • Masculinity and the Struggle for Jealous Possession in The End Of The Affair
  • Psychoanalysis and Popular Culture: The Case of Princess Diana and the search for lost nourishment

Conference Presentations

  • American Comparative Literature Association Annual Meeting, The Psycho-Cultural Politics of Play and Political Leadership, 06 Jul 2017, University of Utrecht
  • Association for the Psychoanalysis of Culture and Society annual Conference: 'Dreams and Nightmares', Now you see him now you don’t: The seductive play of masculinity as political performance’, 12 Oct 2016, Rutgers, New Brunswick, US
  • Being Human: The Association of Psychosocial Studies Annual Conference, The Psychosocial Dynamics of Casino Politics, 29 Jun 2016, The University of West of England, Bristol
  • ESRC symposium: Media Representations of Antisocial Personality,, ‘”I know just how he Feels”: Taxi Driver, Disordered Masculinities and Popular Culture, 12 Jan 2016, BU
  • 100 years of Jealousy: Homage to Swann, Swann and the Swoon Factor: Fantasies of Male Jealousy in Cinema, 31 May 2013, New College, Oxford
  • Film and the Psycho-cultural: Objects, Relatedness, Process, “Too Much of a Good Thing!” Masculinity and the Objects of Jealousy and Flirtation in Narrative Cinema, 31 May 2014, Freud Museum, London
  • Narrative Knowing/Récit et Savoir, Masculinity, Ambiguity and the New Intimacy in Narrative Cinema’, 23 Jun 2014, The American University, Paris
  • Austerity Futures, Political Culture and The Desire for Emotional Resilience in an Age of Austerity, 13 Sep 2014, Goldsmiths, London
  • Association of Psychosocial Studies Annual biannual Conference, Transitional Phenomena, Flirtation and UK Political Culture, 11 Dec 2014, University of Central Lancashire
  • Freud and Eros, Love Lust and Longing, Masculinity and the Dilemmas of Love: Lust and Longing in Contemporary Cinema, 14 Feb 2015, The Anna Freud Centre, London
  • Border Tensions: Troubling Psychoanalysis, The Play of Politics and Casino Culture, 22 Oct 2015, Rutgers, New Jersey, US
  • The Boxset Mind set: The Forensics of Popular Culture, The Forensics of Murder, Masculinity and Politics: in The House of Cards, 28 Nov 2015, Wesley Centre, Euston
  • Teaching Psychoanalysis, Teaching Psychoanalysis in the Neoliberal University, 13 Feb 2016, University of Essex

Attended Training

  • Psychosocial In dialogue post conflict training in Belgrade, Serbia, 23 Sep 2016, A CPD certificate in reflective group training


  • MA in Cultural Studies: History and Theory (1993)
  • PhD in Masculinity, Jealousy and Cinema (2004)



  • Media and the Inner World AHRC esearch netwok The Association for Psychosocial Studies research network The Association for Political Studies research network
  • The Association for Psychosocial Studies I am an executive member of their Board
  • Association for the Psychoanalysis, Culture and Society. I am a member of the Board, which is based the US
  • The AHRC Media and Inner World Network

External Media and Press

Broadcast Interview

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