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Dr Aniekan Akpan

  • aakpan at bournemouth dot ac dot uk
  • Lecturer (Academic) in Law
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Journal Articles

  • Akpan, A., 2016. The Effect of New Commission Guidance on Certain Provisions of Council Regulation (EEC) No 3577/92: Agip Petroli SPA v Capitaneria di Porto di Siracusa and Others. The Journal of International Maritime Law, 22 (3), 229-236.
  • Akpan, A., 2015. A Precarious Judicial Interpretation of the Scope of EU Maritime Cabotage Law. The Journal of International Maritime Law, 20 (6), 444-446.



  • Akpan, A., 2016. The Ownership and Nationality of a Ship from a Maritime Cabotage Law Perspective. Current Issues in Maritime and Transport Law. Bonomo Editore.
  • Akpan, A., 2015. De-Regulation or More Regulation: The Intellectual Predicament of the Law of Maritime Cabotage. New Challenges in Maritime Law: de lege lata et de lege ferenda. Bonomo Editore, 381-406.
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