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Andrea Jarman

  • 01202 968949
  • ajarman at bournemouth dot ac dot uk
  • Senior Lecturer (Academic) in Law
  • Christchurch House C107, Talbot Campus, Fern Barrow, Poole, BH12 5BB
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Andrea Loux Jarman, JD graduated from Cornell Law School, where she was on the editorial board of the Cornell Law Review. She has expertise in UK and comparative public law, human rights and land law. Her research focuses on the reception of the 'voices' of communities of place and interest by common law courts. Under this theme she has published on third party intervention, strategic litigation and the legal history of the creation of law and legal rights through community custom. She currently holds an AHRC Connected Communities grant entitled 'Speaking for Ourselves: Community litigation in the English and European Courts'.

Journal Articles

  • Jarman (Loux), A., 2014. Disability and demonstrating Christian commitment. Ecclesiastical Law Journal, 16 (1), 57-65.
  • Jarman (Loux), A., 2013. Part-time places for Reception Children. Education Law Journal, 14 (4), 276-283.
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  • Jarman (Loux), A., 2007. Urban Commons: From Customary Use to Community Right on Scotland's Bleaching Greens. Law in the City: Proceedings of the Seventeenth British Legal History Conference 2005, 319-345.
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  • Jarman (Loux), A., 2002. Unfinished Business: Lawrence v Texas and the right to privacy. Human Rights and Scots Law, 611-620.
  • Jarman (Loux), A., 2001. The Great Rabbit Massacre - A Comedy of the Commons? Custom, Community and Rights of Public Access to the Links of St Andrews. Liverpool Law Review: a journal of contemporary legal issues, 123-155.
  • Jarman (Loux), A., 2000. Losing the Battle, Winning the War: Litigation Strategy and Pressure Group Organisation in the Era of Incorporation. Kings College Law Journal, 90-104.
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  • Jarman (Loux), A., 1995. Jury Nullification. New Law Journal.
  • Jarman (Loux), A., 1993. Ancient Regime: Custom, Utility and the Common Law in Nineteenth-Century England. Cornell Law Review, 183-218.


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Invited Lectures

  • Ne me quitte pas or Je ne regrette rien? Reflectio, Cornell Law School, Ithaca New York, 26 Aug 2016 more

Public Engagement & Outreach Activities

  • Advisor on A-level Law Programme

Conference Presentations

  • the 6th Applied Legal Storytelling Conference, Je ne (B)regrette rien? Academic memoir and the constitutional crisis in the United Kingdom, 11 Jul 2017, American University Law School, Washington DC
  • Annual Meeting of Comparative Law Association, ‘Professor Bernard Rudden in the Burned Over District: His life and contribution to Cornell Law School’, 05 Sep 2016, SLS Conference Oxford

Attended Training

  • Brexit and the UK Constitution, Brick Court Chambers, 21 Jul 2016
  • The Constitutional Implications of the Miller Judgment, 22 Feb 2017
  • Brexit: Legal & Constitutional Requirements, 13 Jul 2016
  • OCR Update -- the new linear law A-level, 11 Mar 2017


  • BA (Hons) in History with a Minor in African Studies (Boston University, 2012)
  • Admitted to the Bar in Attorney (Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 1994)
  • Advanced Diploma in Public Law in Juris Doctor (Cornell Law School, 1003)


  • Institute for Advanced Legal Studies, Fellow,
  • Society of Legal Scholars, Member,
  • Stair Society, Member,
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