Antonia Nisioti

Antonia Nisioti

  • anisioti at bournemouth dot ac dot uk
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Journal Articles

  • Nisioti, A., Loukas, G., Mylonas, A. and Panaousis, E., 2023. Forensics for multi-stage cyber incidents: Survey and future directions. Forensic Science International: Digital Investigation, 44.
  • Nisioti, A., Loukas, G., Rass, S. and Panaousis, E., 2021. Game-theoretic decision support for cyber forensic investigations. Sensors, 21 (16).
  • Nisioti, A., Loukas, G., Laszka, A. and Panaousis, E., 2021. Data-Driven Decision Support for Optimizing Cyber Forensic Investigations. IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security, 16, 2397-2412.
  • Nisioti, A., Mylonas, A., Yoo, P.D. and Katos, V., 2018. From intrusion detection to attacker attribution: A comprehensive survey of unsupervised methods. IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials, 20 (4), 3369-3388.
  • Tsalis, N., Mylonas, A., Nisioti, A., Gritzalis, D. and Katos, V., 2017. Exploring the protection of private browsing in desktop browsers. Computers and Security, 67, 181-197.


Profile of Teaching UG

  • Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures (Teaching Assistant)
  • Security Information and Event Management (Teaching Assistant)