Zanzibar Community Impact Study

Authors: Brylla, C. and Ayisi, F.

Place of Publication:


This study explores the community impact of the documentary "Zanzibar Soccer Queens" (Florence Ayisi). The film positively impacted on civil society and cultural life in Africa – some of this impact is documented in the feature-length documentary film "Zanzibar Soccer Dreams". The impact case study highlights an example of practice-led research that led to a series of cultural, social and policy-related impacts, including an increased visibility of the football team Women Fighters, respect for, and better understanding of, women's football within Zanzibar and beyond, the freedom and wellbeing of women, and equal opportunities for girls when the government changed its policy to allow girls in Zanzibar to play football in schools as part of physical education. ​

The study has also been useful for discussions around issues related to equality and racism in football, as well as health, justice and capacity building initiatives in diverse community settings.

This impact case study was shortlisted for the prestigious Research in Film Awards by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), U.K.

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