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Visiting Fellow Bruce Eagles

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Archaeological field investigator, Salisbury Office, Royal Commission on Historical Monuments (England), 1964-1988: fieldwork in Gloucestershire and Wessex; 1988-1991, Head of Archaeological Archives; 1991-1996, Head of the National Archaeological Record; 1997 to present, Visiting Research Fellow, Bournemouth University.

BA (Hons), Ancient and Medieval History, University College London, 1962; Postgraduate Academic Diploma, The Archaeology of the Iron Age and the Western Provinces of the Roman Empire, 1964; PhD, The Settlement Pattern of Lindsey and the East Riding of Yorkshire in the Late Roman and Early Anglo-Saxon Periods (Two volumes), Birkbeck College, London, 1977; FSA 1979


Throughout my professional archaeological career I have taken an active interest in the archaeology of early Anglo-Saxon England in its north-western European context. I have participated in meetings of the international Sachsensymposium on a regular basis since 1973 and this has allowed me to develop and maintain contacts and research interests with many colleagues both in Britain and on the Continent. Study for my doctorate brought a close familiarity with late Roman and early Anglo-Saxon settlement geography and landscape, artifacts and chronology in north Lincolnshire and east Yorkshire. I have developed these themes further, and with particular attention to the significance of place-names, in regional studies of the early phases of Anglo-Saxon settlement in Wessex. I am currently drawing together relevant past papers, some of them much revised. and new studies in a book to be titled 'From Roman civitas to Anglo-Saxon Shire. Topographical Studies on the Formation of Wessex'.


  • Eagles, 1979. The Anglo-Saxon Settlement of Humberside. Oxford: British Archaeological Reports.

Journal Articles

  • eagles, B.N. and mortimer, C., 1993. Early Anglo-Saxon artefacts fro Hod Hill Dorset. Antiquaries Journal, 73, 132-140.
  • Eagles, 1986. Pagan Anglo-Saxon burials at West Overton. Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine, 80, 103-119.
  • Eagles, B.N. and Evison, V.I., 1970. Excavations at Harrold, Bedfordshire, 1951-53. Bedfordshire Archaeological Journal, 5, 17-55.


  • Eagles, 1979. The Anglo-Saxon Settlement of Humberside. Oxford: British Archaeological Reports.


  • BA (Hons) in Ancient and Medieval History (University College, University of London, 1962)
  • PhD in Late Roman and Early Anglo-Saxon Settlements (University of London, 1977)
  • Diploma in Archaeology in Iron Age and Western Provinces of the Roman Empire (University of London, 1964)
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