Basics of Adaptive Personalisation and User Modelling: A Complete Approach to Automatically Adapting Information Systems to their Users

Authors: de Vrieze, P.T.

Publisher: VDM Verlag AG

Place of Publication: Germany

ISBN: 978-3639125863


Unlike humans, computers generally do not take their peers in communication into account. Adding to this the increasing complexity of information systems, the need for adaptive personalisation is there. In this book we look at adaptive systems from the perspective of interactive systems. We provide a model for adaptive behaviour, and describe how it has been extended to provide an adaptation engine. The model is a further basis for a method for designing adaptive personalisation in an information system. As part of the method, an extensive evaluation framework is provided that allows the evaluation of the design of the personalisation during the various stages of the method.

Source: Manual

Preferred by: Paul De Vrieze