Statics with MATLAB®

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Authors: Marghitu B. Dan, Dupac, M. and Madsen Nels, H.

Publisher: Springer

Place of Publication: London

ISBN: 978-1-4471-5109-8

DOI: 10.1007/978-1-4471-5110-4

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Authors: Marghitu, D.B., Dupac, M. and Madsen, N.H.

Volume: 9781447151104

Pages: 1-286

ISBN: 9781447151104

DOI: 10.1007/978-1-4471-5110-4

© Springer-Verlag London 2013. All rights are reserved. Engineering mechanics involves the development of mathematical models of the physical world. Statics addresses the forces acting on and in mechanical objects and systems. Statics with MATLAB® develops an understanding of the mechanical behavior of complex engineering structures and components using MATLAB® to execute numerical calculations and to facilitate analytical calculations. MATLAB® is presented and introduced as a highly convenient tool to solve problems for theory and applications in statics. Included are example problems to demonstrate the MATLAB® syntax and to also introduce specific functions dealing with statics. These explanations are reinforced through figures generated with MATLAB® and the extra material available online which includes the special functions described. This detailed introduction and application of MATLAB® to the field of statics makes Statics with MATLAB® a useful tool for instruction as well as self study, highlighting the use of symbolic MATLAB® for both theory and applications to find analytical and numerical solutions.

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