The Midwife's Pocket Formulary 3rd Edition

This source preferred by Liz Davey and Debbee Houghton

Authors: Davey, L. and Houghton, D.

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

Place of Publication: Edinburgh

ISBN: 9780702043475

In current midwifey practice, one of the competencies covered by midwives is medicines management. Midwives and students are required to have an understanding of the range of medicines used within their sphere of practice.The Midwife’s Pocket Formulary provides both practising midwives and students with key information on the administration and management of medications in midwifery practice. Contents: Abbreviations and Glossary of terms Introduction 1. Antacids 2. Anaesthesia 3. Analgesics 4. Antibiotics 5. Anticoagulants 6. Anticonvulsants 7. Antidepressants and other mental health conditions 8. Antiemetics 9. Antihypertensives 10. Antiseptics 11. Contraceptives 12. Antihistamines 13. Hypoglycaemics 14. Intravenous fluids 15. Immunoglobulins 16. Oxytocics 17. Prostaglandins 18. Myometrial relaxants 19. Rectal preparations 20. Vaccines 21. Vitamins and iron preparations 22. Anxiolytics and hypnotics 23. Antifungals 24. Miscellaneous 25. Emergency drugs Drug Calculations Index

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