Digital Entrepreneurship in Sub-Saharan Africa: Challenges, Opportunities and Prospects

Editors: Taura, N., Bolat, E. and Madichie, N.

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

ISBN: 978-3-030-04924-9


This pioneering collection seeks to understand why and how some digital enterprises in Africa progress while others firms either stagnate or regress. Using a range of detailed case studies, it addresses the challenges and barriers that are in place and how some outstanding digital firms deal with operating in a hostile business environment. While digital platforms have created equal access for small businesses, many digital entrepreneurs in Africa continue to struggle with local environments replete with corruption, and other economic inefficiencies. The contributions move the debate forward by addressing the challenges, opportunities, and prospects of digital enterprise in Africa. Covers multiple sectors of digital entrepreneurship including fin-tech, ed-tech, animation games and agri-tech.

Includes rich case studies from Nigeria, Ghana, Rwanda, Senegal, Kenya and Tanzania.

Equips the reader with knowledge and understanding of entrepreneurship within the context of the digitalisation of Africa.

Placing special emphasis on how African new entrant digital firms are shaping the landscape and forging a new beginning for Africa, this book offers entrepreneurial perspectives to both researchers and policy-makers seeking to support and stimulate entrepreneurship in the new era.

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