Contract and regulation: A handbook on new methods of law making in private law

Authors: Brownsword, R., van Gestel, R.A.J. and Micklitz, H.W.

Pages: 1-392

ISBN: 9781784710651

DOI: 10.4337/9781784710668


Contract and Regulation: A Handbook on New Methods of Law Making in Private Law sheds light on the darker side of contracts. It begins by exploring the 'regulatory space' in which projects are planned, deals are done, and goods and services are consumed, then shows how a 'bottom-up' approach can be adopted in order to view this transactional space through the eyes of contractors. The expert contributors explore modes of governance that do not fit nicely into traditional contract theory, paying special attention to three key examples: governance and codes of conduction, networks and relations, compliance and use.

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