Teaching Psychology around the World (Volume 5).

Editors: Rich, G., Lopez, A., Ebersöhn, L., Taylor, J. and Morrisey, S.

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing:

Place of Publication: Newcastle upon Tyne

ISBN: 978-1-5275-4631-8


The present volume points the direction to the future, including nations and regions that have not been featured in past books or volumes. For instance, the current volume five features chapters on psychology in Uganda, Cameroon, Botswana, as well as strong representation from South Africa. Chapters also feature English speaking nations and regions which are not always well represented in the international psychology teaching literature, including indigenous Canada and Aotearoa New Zealand. Less commonly examined nations in Europe are also emphasized in this book, including the Czech and Slovak republics as well as Cyprus. Notably the present book features a section on the Middle East, with chapters focusing on Lebanon, Egypt, Iran, and Turkey. The Latin America section includes scholars from El Salvador, Guatemala, and beyond. Finally, a small but strong Asia section includes work highlighting psychology in Vietnam, Indonesia, and Cambodia. Though the present volume is large, there remains significant room for future developments; for instance, more nations of the Middle East, Africa, and Asia should be featured, and sections on the Caribbean and Pacific Islands would be welcome indeed. There are now about one million psychologists around the globe (Zoma & Gielen, 2015), and psychology is growing more rapidly outside of the United States and Western Europe than within it. All must be prepared for our new world, and we look forward to growing and learning together.

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