The child abusers: research and controversy

Authors: Pritchard, C.

Publisher: Open University Press

Place of Publication: Maidenhead


How can we improve child protection? What can we learn from recent child abuse cases and research? Who are the child abusers? Who kills children? Child abuse horrifies the public, engenders fierce debate in the media, and creates anxiety in even the most experienced professionals. In this book, the author examines the available evidence base in order to challenge the myths and controversies. Readers are offered up-to-date research and case material, to assist in the assessment of risk and physical danger. Emphasis is placed on the importance of the child protection-psychiatry interface and while no absolute answers are offered, the debates around the subject are clearly outlined and suggestions for effective intervention are offered. "The Child Abusers" is essential reading for professionals and students in the field of child protection, including health and social workers, police, nurses, medics, teachers, psychologists and psychiatrists.

Source: Manual