Tourism Management Dynamics :Trends, Management and Tools

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Authors: Buhalis, D. and Costa, C.

Publisher: Butterworth Heinemann

Place of Publication: London, England

As the global tourism industry continues to expand and to become more complex, it is vital that those in the industry identify trends early and design proactive strategies to gain competitive advantage. "Tourism Futures: Dynamics, Challenges and Tools" provides the readers with a comprehensive insight of the changes in the external business environment, and equips them with new managerial techniques and tools in order to adapt and profit from these changes and into the future. Written by a team of globally renowned thinkers and researchers, it provides the manager of tomorrow with the ability to look beyond normal planning horizons and identify potential opportunities from change. "Tourism Futures: Dynamics, Challenges and Tools" is part of a two part set with its companion text, "Tourism Futures: The Emerging Business" which takes the reader on a logical progression to look at new products, new consumers and new industry. Both texts thereby provide the reader with a complete set of tools and knowledge to enable them to recognise the key areas of growth and change, and the ability to use the new tools and technologies available to develop them and maximise business potential. It identifies key trends in the tourism industry. It demonstrates how to apply trends, challenges and managerial techniques into the core of the tourism business. With contributions from world leaders in tourism research and academia, it is a companion text to "Tourism Business Futures".

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