The Archaeology of Novgorod in its Wider Context: A Study of Centre/Periphery Relations

Editors: Brisbane, M., Makarov, N. and Nosov, E.

Publisher: Oxbow Books

Place of Publication: Oxford

ISBN: 978-1842172780


Following on from the other volumes in this series, this collection of papers will integrate aspects of the previous volumes and examine the wider context of the influence of medieval Novgorod through the evidence for the exploitation of natural resources and their conversion via craft activity into products for local consumotion and/or trade. Three area case studies in northwest Russia will be considered: the first in the immediate hinterland of Novgorod; the second within Novgorod itself, and the third in the Byeloozero, Lake Kubenskoye area to the northeast of Novgorod, on the edge of the territory known as Novgorod Land and a centre for hunting and trapping animals for the fur trade.The book will include over twenty contributions from a number of Russian and West European experts covering the range of archaeological and environmental areas examined as part of an international ten-year collaborative project. It offers an innovative approach to wider questions of extraction, manufacture and production, and consumption which will have implications for the study of medieval European archaeology.

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Preferred by: Mark Brisbane