The Influence of Expressive Images for Computer Interaction

Authors: Xu, Z., John, D. and Boucouvalas, A.C.

Editors: Ghaoui, C.

Pages: 324-331

Publisher: Idea Group

Place of Publication: London

ISBN: 978-1591405627


Emotional communication is the fundamental interaction for every human being. Designing an attractive interface which supports expressive communication is a challenging task. One reason is that a clear and complete model explaining how emotion works has not been constructed.

Despite the difficulties, significant progress has been made. Computer systems, which can detect the presence of emotion, have been developed and implemented. Researchers are putting effort into the design of expressive communication systems and it is necessary to examine the factors influencing the perception of emotional expressions.

This work presents the results of a series of experiments aimed to detect different factors that may influence emotion feelings within human computer interactions. The experiment results suggest that by increasing the expressive image intensity, emotional feelings can be improved. The experiment results also indicate that the perceived emotion feelings are not affected by time that users are exposed to the expressive images.

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Preferred by: David John