Beyond Stonehenge: seeking the start of the bluestone trail

Authors: Darvill, T.

Editors: Scarre, C.

Pages: 45-53

Publisher: Archaeopress

Place of Publication: Oxford, England

ISBN: 978-1-4073-0405-2


This paper explores the arrangement of stones at Stonehenge, Wiltshire. It focuses on the disposition of rhyolites, volcanic tuffs, and dolerites, collectively known as the ‘bluestones’, that were transported to the site from the Preseli Hills of southwest Wales some 250km away to the west. It is shown that the way in which the stones were erected at Stonehenge corresponds closely with their original natural arrangement in Wales. It is proposed that the blocks of spotted dolerite used in building the central structure at Stonehenge had some special meaning to those who used the site; folklore evidence suggests this may be connected with perceived healing properties.

Source: Manual

Preferred by: Timothy Darvill