Psychological and contextual issues in technology-enhanced learning: individual differences and the student emotional experience

Authors: Taylor, J.

Editors: Brown, E.

Pages: 37-40

Publisher: Learning Sciences Research Institute

Place of Publication: Nottingham

ISBN: 9780853582649


This extended abstract will highlight the need to consider the role of the learning context and the psychology of learners (e.g. emotional experience and individual differences) in designing Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL). In sections 2 and 3, I will integrate a review of current research in these areas with my own findings from two projects: one project illustrates the impact of context in online student academic discussions and the other project shows the impact of context on the choice of modes of presentation in remote project management training. Both projects initially set out to consider individual differences in learning style with remote TEL, but, with the rapid technological advances, the impact of the learning context became an important and unpredicted factor in the use, experiences and outcomes of learning. In section 4, I will summarise with some key psychological and context-related issues that require further research and consideration in the design of TEL experiences.

Source: Manual

Preferred by: Jacqui Taylor