N-Dimensional Principal Component Analysis

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Authors: Yu, H.



Publisher: IEEE Press

In this paper, we first briefly introduce the multidimensional Principal Component Analysis (PCA) techniques, and then amend our previous N-dimensional PCA (ND-PCA) scheme by introducing multidirectional decomposition into ND-PCA implementation. For the case of high dimensionality, PCA technique is usually extended to an arbitrary n-dimensional space by the Higher-Order Singular Value Decomposition (HO-SVD) technique. Due to the size of tensor, HO-SVD implementation usually leads to a huge matrix along some direction of tensor, which is always beyond the capacity of an ordinary PC. The novelty of this paper is to amend our previous ND-PCA scheme to deal with this challenge and further prove that the revised ND-PCA scheme can provide a near optimal linear solution under the given error bound. To evaluate the numerical property of the revised ND-PCA scheme, experiments are performed on a set of 3D volume datasets.

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