A Shear-Warp IBR Algorithm Using Layer Representation.

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Authors: Sun, Y., Tong, X., Pu, H. and Yu, H.


Publisher: IEEE Press

This paper proposes an IBR algorithm by using layer representation and shear-warp rendering. For reference images with depth information, we classify all the pixels into six types according to their sight line directions; then we arrange all the pixels in each type into parallel layers by utilizing ISODATA cluster algorithm and weak perspective principle, and compress data of each layer type by RLE encoding. During rendering, for any viewpoint, we choose the corresponding layer types to render an intermediate image based on shear transformation, and further generates the final image from the intermediate one by using warp transformation. Also, we compare our algorithm with the LDI rendering algorithm. The experiments show that our algorithm can not only generate high quality images but also achieve interactive frame rates.

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Authors: Sun, Y.-K., Tong, X.-P., Bu, H.-L. and Yu, H.-C.


Pages: 813-818

Publisher: IEEE Computer Society

DOI: 10.1109/CIT.2004.1357295

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