Polygonal-functional hybrids for computer animation and games

This source preferred by Oleg Fryazinov, Valery Adzhiev, Alexander Pasko and Peter Comninos

Authors: Kravtsov, D., Fryazinov, O., Adzhiev, V., Pasko, A. and Comninos, P.

Editors: Engel, W.

Pages: 87-114

Publisher: A K Peters

Place of Publication: Natick, MA,USA

ISBN: 978-1568814728

We propose to use a hybrid model for computer animation and computer games, where we combine together both polygonal and Function Representation models. Natural resolution independence of an FRep model allows us to adjust rendering quality according to available hardware specs. The discretization of the model can be performed in parallel, so that it is well suited for modern GPUs and CPUs with an ever increasing number of internal cores. The enclosed CD contains source code of the implementation of the proposed approach based on NVIDIA CUDA SDK.

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Authors: Kravtsov, D., Fryazinov, O., Adzhiev, V., Pasko, A. and Comninos, P.

The modern world of computer graphics is mostly dominated by polygonal models. Due to their scalability and ease of rendering such models have various applications in a wide range of fields. Unfortunately some shape modelling and animation problems can hardly be overcome using polygonal models only. For example, dramatic changes of the shape involving change of topology or metamorphosis between different shapes can not be performed easily. The Function Representation FRep Pasko et al. 1995 allows us to overcome some of the problems and simplify the process of the major model modification. Our system is based on a hybrid modelling concept, where polygonal and FRep models are combined together and can be evaluated in near-real or real time. It allows us to: • produce animations involving dramatic changes of the shape e.g. metamorphosis, viscoelastic behaviour, character modifications etc in short times Fig. 1 • interactively create complex shapes with changing topology Fig. 2 and specified level of detail LOD • integrate existing animated polygonal models and FRep models within a single model.

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