“Involving older gay men in research: the lure of group experience”

This source preferred by Kip Jones and Lee-Ann Fenge

Authors: Jones, K. and Fenge, L.-A.

Editors: Pini, B. and Pease, B.


Pages: 209-222

Publisher: Palgrave

Place of Publication: London

ISBN: 978-1137005724

This chapter considers ways to involve older gay men in research projects reflecting upon the experience gained through two projects involving older gay men in group experiences. In both projects male participants were keen to become involved in opportunities to meet and co-operate as groups, and relished the opportunity to come together to share their experiences. This chapter explores why tools such as participatory action research and focus groups are appealing to older gay men as a method of sharing their experiences. It considers how older gay men make use of the group experience, and the benefit this brings to the overall project in defining the particular slant that older gay men take on their experiences.

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