Lee-Ann Fenge

Professor Lee-Ann Fenge

  • 01202 961693
  • lfenge at bournemouth dot ac dot uk
  • Professor of Social Care
  • Royal London House R408, Christchurch Road, Bournemouth, BH1 3LT
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Lee-Ann is Professor of Social Care in the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences. She is a Registered Social Worker and has always been committed to advancing the professional evidence base of social care practitioners. Her research has focused on participatory and arts based methods to engage with seldom heard voices, and she is passionate about working in partnership with those who use health and social care services to create new knowledge to inform practice.

Her research includes participatory arts-based projects with older LGBT citizens, young people with disabilities, and homeless people. Most recently she has been working on a number of funded projects exploring the impact of financial scams on vulnerable groups,. This includes working on the development of a learning tool for community health professionals to widen understanding of the risks posed by financial scams and how best to support vulnerable victims. She is also working on a project exploring mail scams with the Royal Mail, and has recently gained HEIF funding to use gamification to support learning tool development for both practitioners and older people about financial scams...


Journal Articles



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  • Fenge, L. and Fenge-Davies, L., 2008. Realising potential? The challenges of widening participation for students, further education and higher education. PhD Thesis. Bournemouth University, School of Health and Social Care.


PhD Students

  • Liz Davey. An exploration of women's experiences of wellbeing through attendance at aquanatal exercise, and the impact of peer support during pregnancy


  • Promoting Dignity through understanding Narratives (Economic Social Research Council, 02 Nov 2013). Awarded
  • Dementia Awareness Course (Royal Bournemouth Hospital, 01 May 2013). Completed
  • The power of narrative and stories in enabling learning for professional practice (Higher Education Academy, 16 Apr 2013). Completed

External Responsibilities

  • Ethics and Social Welfare, Editorial Board member (2014-2018)
  • Southampton,Hampshire and Isle of Wight Social Work Education Network (SHIP/SWEN), Co-Chair (2012-)
  • Social Work Education:The International Journal, Editorial Board Memebr (2012-2017)
  • Social Work Education :The International Journal, Editorial Board Member (2012-2017)

Conference Presentations

  • Making Safeguarding Personal University of Bedfordshire, Evaluating MSP policy and practice: Working with an HEI to evaluate impact, 27 Apr 2016, University of Bedfordshire


  • PhD in Exploring the Meaning of Home For Six baby Boomers (Bournemouth University Supervisors Dr Kip Jones and Dr Lee-Anne Fenge, 2015)
  • CQSW in Social Work (CCETSW, 1988)
  • BA (Hons) in Psychology (University of Exeter, 1984)
  • PG Cert in Research Supervision (Bournemouth University, 2009)
  • MSc in Social Work Studies (London School of Economics, University of London, 1988)
  • DProf in Further Education and Higher Education (Bournemouth University, 2008)


  • Senior Fellowship (Higher Education Academy, 2016)


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