Sowing the Seeds of Change: Raymond Williams Since 2000

Authors: Dix, H.

Editors: Woodhams, S.

Publisher: Parthian

Place of Publication: Cardigan


Two key elements in the genesis of Raymond Williams’s critical thinking were his minority Welsh nationality with regard to the British whole, and his constant concern for bringing sociological and political questions into the cultural environment. These factors aligned Williams and his work with that of a greater number of European thinkers than a summary survey of his published work would suggest. In this sense it is true to say that Williams was at his most Welsh when he was simultaneously at his most European. It can also be argued that the relevance of Williams’s work in the years since his death is precisely that the questions he put to an increasingly transnational capital political settlement were – and are – questions that have important implications beyond the local application.

Source: Manual

Preferred by: Hywel Dix