Tortured heroes: The story of ouch! Fan fiction and sadomasochism

Authors: Alexander, J.

Pages: 119-136

ISBN: 9780230549340

DOI: 10.1057/9780230228399

Source: Scopus

"Tortured Heroes: The Story of Ouch! Fan Fiction and Sadomasochism"

Authors: Alexander, J.

Editors: Burr, V. and Hearne, J.

Pages: 119-136

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

Place of Publication: London

ISBN: 978-0-230-54934-0


This book chapter is concerned with not-for-profit narrative written by audiences about characters in their favourite serial television and film productions, shared online (fan-fiction). Specifically, it is about fan-fiction of a sado-masochistic nature where a central and graphic part of the story invovles a body, or bodies, deliberately stressed in an erotic context. It argues such fictions are generally ethically framed within shared fan communities of predominantly female authorship and may constitute emergent post-phallocratic pornographic spaces.

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