Between social opprobrium and repeat trafficking: Chances and choices of albanian women deported from the UK

Authors: Schwandner-Sievers, S.

Pages: 95-115

ISBN: 9781848441590

Source: Scopus

Between Social Opprobrium and Repeat Trafficking: choices and chances of Albanian women deported from the UK

Authors: Schwandner-Sievers, S.

Editors: Holmes, L.

Pages: 95-115

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

Place of Publication: Cheltenham

ISBN: 9781849806800


Book abstract: Human trafficking is widely considered to be the fastest growing branch of trafficking. As this important book reveals, it has moved rapidly up the agenda of states and international organisations since the early-1990s, not only because of this growth, but also as its implications for security and human rights have become clearer. This fascinating study by international experts provides original research findings on human trafficking, with particular reference to Europe, South- East Asia and Australia. A major focus is on why and how many states and organisations act in ways that undermine trafficked victims' rights, as part of 'quadruple victimisation'. It compares and contrasts policies and suggests which seem to work best and why. The contributors also advocate radical new approaches that most states and other formal organisations appear loath to introduce, for reasons that are explored in this unique book.

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