Audio-only computer games:The case of Papa Sangre

Authors: Amelidis, P.A. and Hugill, A.H.

Editors: Emmerson, S.E. and Landy, L.L.

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Source: Manual

Audio only computer games – Papa Sangre

Authors: Hugill, A. and Amelides, P.

Editors: Emmerson, S. and Landy, L.

Pages: 355-375

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781107118324


This article attempts to analyse the audio-only game Papa Sangre. It discusses the background to the analysis and the history of of audio-only games, before concentrating upon Papa Sangre itself. It locates the game within the survival horror genre and explores how the gameplay operates from both a technical and player's point of view. It then locates the analysis within a field of film and game sound analysis, considering how audio-only games differ from videogames. It outlines several theoretical approaches to the typology of videogame sound, before proposing a hybrid approach that is more appropriate to audio-only games. It applies this to the sound world of Papa Sangre and analyses some captured gameplay. The essay concludes by suggesting a relationship between Papa Sangre and musical performance and composition.

Source: BURO EPrints