Megalithic tombs, barrows and enclosures in fourth millennium BC Britain

Authors: Darvill, T.

Editors: Ard, V. and Pillot, L.

Pages: 3-18

Publisher: Archaeopress

Place of Publication: Oxford

ISBN: 978-1-78491-285-7

The date and distribution across Britain of megalithic monuments and related structures dating to the fourth millennium BC is briefly outlined, together with on overview of contemporary enclosures. Studies of the distribution of human body parts show that in southern Britain during the period c.3800–3300 BC long barrows and oval barrows were built and used by the same communities that also created causewayed enclosures. The situation in western and northern Britain is less clear as few enclosures are known and preservation conditions militate against the survival of human remains. A simple model involving local and regional articulations between enclosures and burial monuments is briefly outlined.

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