The Need for Critical Thinking in Country Promotion: Public diplomacy, nation branding and public relations

Authors: Dolea, E.

Editors: L'Etang, J., McKie, D., Snow, N. and Xifra, J.

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780415727334


This chapter discusses how countries promote themselves across borders (a phenomenon generically called “country promotion” in this chapter) and aims (1) to review the evolution in conceptualizing country promotion in the literatures of public diplomacy, nation branding and public relations, (2) to call for exploring further the emergent critical thinking in these literatures and apply it to the study of country promotion, and (3) to illustrate how a critical, social constructivist paradigm can give voice to previously ignored issues (e.g., power relations, structures, and social inequalities)

Source: Manual