The own-group biases in face recognition: One theory to explain them all?

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Authors: Hills, P.J. and Mahabeer, A.

Pages: 337-364

ISBN: 9781536123982

© 2017 Nova Science Publishers, Inc. People are often better at recognising faces of their own group over various other groups. The own-group biases have been extensively studied in terms of ethnicity, gender, and age. There is also evidence for own-personality, -sexuality, and -university biases. There are two main groups of theories that purport to explain all of the own-group biases: perceptual expertise models and socio-cognitive motivational accounts. The degree with which each theory can explain all group biases remains an enigmatic question. In this chapter, we review the evidence for the own-group biases and how they relate to the various models that have been proposed to explain them. Finally, we will pose some unanswered research questions that remain to be explored.

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