Leisure travel and the time of later life

Authors: Day, R., Hitchings, R., Fox, E., Venn, S. and Hibbert, J.F.

Pages: 183-200

ISBN: 9783319619903

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-61991-0_9


This chapter explores the evolving demand for energy-intensive long distance leisure travel in retirement, a phenomenon which is widely predicted to be on the increase due to demographic change, rising retirement incomes and the retirement of the baby boomer generation, often labelled as the first consumer generation. We undertook serial interviews with three cohorts of people in London and Birmingham, UK, who were respectively approaching retirement, recently retired and longer retired. Drawing on interview material we discuss the different ways in which the time of retirement is imagined, experienced and consumed, and argue that understanding these different and sometimes competing temporal aspects of later life leads to a more nuanced understanding of the dynamics of demand for retirement leisure travel and its potential trajectories.

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Leisure Travel and the Time of Later Life

Authors: Day, R., Hitchings, R., Fox, E., Venn, S. and Hibbert, J.F.

Editors: Hui, A. and Walker, G.

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319619910


This edited collection critically engages with an important but rarely-asked question: what is energy for?

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